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VIP Tickets America - Frequently Asked Questions

What security measures does VIP Tickets America have in place to insure the protection of customer information?

VIP Tickets America site pages are encrypted the VIP Tickets checkout is secured by Control Scan. You can check that the connection is secure at any time by checking the page URL. Look for the "https" at the beginning of the URL - this indicated that the page is secure. VIP Tickets America sales phone lines are also secure lines to protect you and your information.

You can read more about our privacy policies here.

Why are some of VIP Tickets America's tickets so far above face value, while others are priced below face value?

Ticket prices in the secondary ticket market are always changing and fluctuating according to consumer demand and ticket availability. VIP Tickets America does not control the prices of tickets listed on our site.

Are my tickets covered by a guarantee?

Yes! VIP Tickets America is proud to offer customers a 100% money-back guarantee on all tickets we sell. You can find our more about our buyer guarantee here!

Why is there a service fee added to the ticket price?

Service fees allow us to continue connecting customers with a great ticket selection from ticket brokers from across the country. This fee is what we charge in exchange for the valuable services we provide our customers, and what allows us to keep operating on a daily basis.

What is the difference between a ticket exchange and a ticket broker?

Both ticket exchanges and ticket brokers are registered, licensed companies. A ticket exchange is a marketing platform that connects customers with ticket inventories from multiple ticket broker partners. A ticket broker is a resale vendor that holds the ticket inventory and fulfills orders made on ticket exchanges. 

Note! Ticket scalper are not ticket brokers. Scalpers are not licensed or registered companies and are not reliable sources of tickets. None of the tickets listed on are held by ticket scalpers.


What methods of payment does VIP Tickets America accept?

VIP Tickets America gladly accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and any debit card bearing one of these logos. Because we accept credit cards, customers can enjoy an extra layer of protection and security knowing that they have credit card buyer protection.

Are prices shown per ticket or per set of tickets?

All prices shown on VIP Tickets America are per ticket.


Are there any returns, exchanges, or cancellations?

All sales made by VIP Tickets America online or by phone are final.

To find out more about VIP Tickets America's sales policies, including returns and exchanges, please read our Terms & Conditions Of Sale.

When will my tickets be shipped?

VIP Tickets America guarantees that your tickets will arrive in time for your event, or we will refund you 100%. Tickets will be shipped by or before the ship by date listed in the ticket details.


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